May 26, 2011

Lights Out

Thunderstorm clouds over Manoa.
A thunderstorm knocked out power in East Honolulu for hours on May 2, 2011.  Power was later restored, but not after a torrential downpour in Manoa.  The residents of the Atherton YMCA had to deal with no lights and no power in their small college dormitory.  Lit by only a handful of battery operated lanterns, and fed by the Blue Truck Teppanyaki Wagon, they hung out and kept each other company through the night.

Staff and residents of the Atherton YMCA Dormitory gather in the lobby after the power went out in East Honolulu.
A line forms at the Blue Teppanyaki Truck after a power outage prevented residents from cooking their dinners.
A waterspout is seen off of Ala Moana from Manoa.
Traffic on University Avenue backs up after a power outage in east Honolulu kocked out traffic lights.
Residents mull around the lobby as heavy rains blanket Manoa.
China Cabalteja examines Brian Almanza's head by flashlight after he returned to the dormitory with a head injury.  This proved difficult as the YMCA's first aid resources were finite, and there was no electricity available.
Martin Quitigua sits in the lobby after running out into the heavy rain pour to assist in closing windows to prevent water from flooding the lobby.

All images © Kent Nishimura Photography.

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