April 7, 2011

Human Planet - BBC

A BBC Audio Slideshow by Human Planet Photographer Timothy Allen.
I usually blog about my own photos here, and It's rare that I blog about anything else.  But I figured why not, I should share some thoughts about an audio slideshow that was shared with me.  The other day, I was shared this link by Kim Baxter, Kim is a professor at Kapiolani Community College, where she teaches communications.  I'm currently enrolled in her Newswriting class.

A joint production of Discovery and the BBC, the Human Planet television series travels to eighty of the most remote locations on Earth to find stories about man's remarkable relationship with the natural world.  Timothy Allen was the photographer assigned to shadow the film crew as they spent almost 2 years working on this project.

It's an amazing body of work, with great moments in great light; it takes an intimate look into many of the worlds indigenous cultures still trying to make it on this planet.  Amazing work. It's a 8 minute slide show, you should check it out! Click on the screen grab of the website or click here.

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