February 4, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 - Peak Travel

Shadows are cast in the midday sun on Feb 3, 2011 in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

We made the trip out to Victoria Peak since Liam, my younger brother, hasn't been there...ever.  We decided to catch the peak tram up to Victoria Peak, and spend a good chunk of the day up there.  The last time I was up there, the Peak Tower was closed and the Peak Tram was undergoing some major maintenance, so it was inaccessible to the general public.  We made the mistake of getting off the subway at admiralty station instead of central station, and had to footmobile it up a angry hill.  It did provide for some cool photos while we made the trek up to the tram terminal.

Riding the peak tram to Victoria Peak.

After the "harrowing" experience that is riding a tram at a 75 degree angle, we made it to the top. As you can tell from the angle that I shot the last photograph at, I was standing for the duration of the trip.  There wasn't a lot of room, and I had given up my seat for an older gentleman (not pictured.)

Victoria Peak Visitors are framed by Lai See hanging on a tree at the Peak tower on Thurs. Feb 3, 2011.

Victoria Peak Visitors are cast in silhouette by backlight at the Peak Tower on Thurs. Feb 3, 2011 in Hong Kong.

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