February 2, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1

Traffic on Hong Kong Island Wed. Feb. 2, 2011.
Adjusting to the new time zone has taken quite the toll on our little travelling group.  I had about 5 hours of sleep since we had landed, gotten unpacked, arrived at the Hotel, and gotten to bed.  5 hours after all of that, and I found myself awake and on the move, yet again.  First stop. Dim Sum for breakfast.  Then it was a half day of touring Hong Kong in our little travel group from Pali Tours.  We made our way to a little noodle factory, where between my mom and Chuck Tsui (our travel leader) they must've bought out the entire remaining day's supply of noodles.

A woman patiently waits her turn in line for recycling cardboard on Wed. Feb. 2, 2011 in Hong Kong Island.
The really neat thing about places like Asia, and Hong Kong is the large signs that practically blanket the city.  Large signs with awesome bold color make for great backgrounds.

My dad blows on his wonton min in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island on Wed. Feb. 2, 2011
We were taken to a "world famous" noodle shop in Hong Kong after purchasing stuff from a dried seafood store.  My mom kept raving how No Reservtions' Anthony Bourdain was featured in a magazine article at that shop.  After a filling lunch we headed back to the Hotel, The Salisbury YMCA, where we broke into groups and walked around on our own.

I hopped on the StarFerry to Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, and made some photographs there.

A group of friends walk along a walkway on Hong Kong Island, Wed, Feb. 2, 2011.
View from the StarFerry as I made my way back to Kowloon and the Salisbury YMCA.

Fatigue finally caught up with me, and I headed back to the hotel where I went to sleep around 8pm HKST.

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