April 20, 2010

Buh-Benny and the Mets...

Growing up, I played baseball between grades 3-4.  Not a long time, but a fun time.  I remember my father being into baseball.  It was him that really encouraged me to go out and play.  To make friends, and get more interested in the sport, and other sports.  Needless to say through high school I was out of shape and overweight, and the only extracurricular things i did was Band, Debate (9th grade) and Youth Symphony. 

But enough about me. This is actually about another Hawaii boy. The difference between myself and him is that he made it to the big time. His name? Benny Agbayani.

Benny Agbayani made his major league debut with the New York Mets on June 17, 1998, as part of an 8th inning double-switch where he defensively replaced center fielder Butch Huskey during a 5-4 loss to the Montreal Expos. Agbayani made his first start and picked up his first big league hit two days later. Leading off the bottom of the first inning by singling to second base off Florida Marlins pitcher Brian Meadows. But now, having retired from Professional Baseball, Benny is an educational assistant at Mililani High School.

So I got a call from the Daily News in New York asking if I was available for a freelance gig.

my reply?


So I drove out to Mililani High School a Friday Afternoon...right after i bought an iPad! But thats another story for another time. I got there was taken to the class and waited for Benny to show up.


the bell rang, and Benny hadn't shown up yet. The Vice Principal Andrea Moore sat next to me and joked about making sure that when Benny shows up I'd better make sure to make a picture and write in the caption that he was late for class.

So I spent the class time photographing Benny in his new element, working with the kids in the class.

Then I made a Portrait and had to run home to file...so i could finally play with my iPad.

It was fun! Getting to meet Benny was an amazing experience.

April 6, 2010

Shooting Fill-um

A girl crosses the intersection at University and Metcalf on her way to class.  Scanned 35mm Tri-X 400.

"Ken-chan no take pictures of me, you gonna waste all your fillum" is what my grandmother alwasys says to me when a camera (film or digital) is pointed at her.

So lately I've been starting to shoot a lot more film.  Not entirely sure why I started to get interested, perhaps it's due to the fact that I'm doing an independent study for ART307 - Advanced Lighting and Large Format photography.

I had taken 10 rolls of tri-x and a Canon EOS A2 with me on a trip to Hong Kong, early December 2009.

Men sit next to a news stand in downtown Hong Kong Island. (Photo: Kent Nishimura)
Film...especially black and white hasa feel, and color tone to it that digital doesnt have.  For me, there's a certain mood that's created when you look at film grain.  There is a definite tonal quality that resonates visually.  Yes! That's right I said resonates (sound) visually (sight).  Furthermore the whole process from capture to development, to printing is just amazing. having compelte control over what you do, and how every smallest detail affects the image is really cool.

More scanned negatives after the break.