March 23, 2009

Day one...pau!

After spending most of the day in the air, I've finally gotten around to sorting and re-sizing my photos.

@ HNL airpiort

My sister, Gwynnelle, is framed by windows as we looks out at planes at Honolulu International Airport (Photo: Kent Nishimura)

Liam is silhouetted by backlight coming from the windows as we wait for the plane to depart (Photo: Kent Nishimura)

in the air

The one thing i didn't enjoy about the flight was the intermittant turbulance. Things were a little...shaky...Quite frightening. (Photo: Kent Nishimura)

Clouds...far as the eye can see. Awesome. (Photo by: Liam Nishimura)

Once again...Liam is silhouetted by window light. This time however. We had just landed in In-Cheon, Korea. 4:30p KST. (Photo by: Kent Nishimura)

@ In-Cheon Internation airpiort - Korea

Disembarking passengers are silhouetted by in coming window light in a fleeting moment as they head towards the baggage claim and transfer stations. This was the first image i made in Korea. Yay! I've got the silhouette fetish going, as you can see. Time for a two hour layover then its a two hour flight to Beijing. (Photo by: Kent Nishimura)

A man is silhouetted as he walks by "Gate 9" on March 22, 2009 at In-Cheon International Airport. The waiting areas had these huge windows. Really nice light! (Photo: Kent Nishimura)

i sat at "Gate 9" trying desparately to connect to the internet. Here, i sorted photos and waited form Liam, Gywnnelle and my mom to return with food and drinks. (Photo by: Kent Nishimura)

Images from Beijing and landing are fortcoming. It's 5:44am HST and 11:44p.m. in Beijing. Time for me to crash. I'm off to Tieannemann square tomorrow and then its off to the Great Wall on Tuesday. Stay tuned.


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