January 15, 2009

a 2008 retrospective

January - My first semester at Manoa. After semesters of dilly-dallying around at KCC and LCC, i finally took the plunge towards my final academic goal. Graduation. I was set on going to graduating and going to medical school. Little did i know that after i joined a certain organization my life would take a totally different path. I was hired as a staff photographer at Ka Leo O Hawaii.

My first published image in Ka Leo.

February - wasnt too exciting for me. another lonely valentine's day came and gone. i wasn't shooting that many assignments for Ka Leo. I found photography to be fun...just things had stagnated. Time would continue to march on.

Fishing with the YMCA Teens. Andre caught something with his hockey stick.

March - Whistler, BC, Canada. Perhaps one of the funnest trips i had been on in a long while.my last out of country trip since Japan in 2002. Mahalo to Troy, Geena, Andre, Allison, Tammy, Corey, Andrew and the others for making it a memorable one.

Fresh powder every single day. woo-hoo!

April - Finally started shooting sports for Ka Leo. Baseball, probably one of the harder sports to shoot is my first sports assignment. bleh. haha! Befriended Richard Walker and Jamm Aquino, star-bulletin photographers. Great guys. good friends.

May - First semester at UHM wrapped up. I did well. Passed ART206 decently. Really made me want to take 207. Applied to be the photography editor at Ka Leo. Got the job. decided photojournalism is something i wanted to pursue.

Lantern Floating 2008.

June - Bryan was fired. I was almost fired too. Decided i had enough with the hypocrisy of the YMCA. It would be only a matter of time before i left the Metropolitan Office.

July - Geena and I started dating. who could've predicted this. Started JOUR307, taught by Fred Larson. Wicked awesome photographer. Really lit a fire under my ass.

Geena and Me, 6 months later. New Year's Eve 2008.

August - continued working on a picture story about my grandmother, Lily Yuen, entitled "Bound by Love' Still a work in progress. Traveled to Portland.

September - 23rd Birthday. Also befriended a guy who i call a photo mentor. Cory Lum. A real inspiration, a good friend, and all-around great guy.

October - ART207 stressing me out. Ka Leo work picking up speed. became close friends with Kelli Miura and Abigail Trenhaile.

November - Elections. Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Very Cool.

December - what a way to end the year. Member of the White House Traveling Press Pool for PEBO's stay in Hawaii. Geena and I made 6 months.

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