May 12, 2008

my day at the lab

Kenji Yamazaki and other students from ART206 work on finishing their mattes for their final project.Exposure details: Canon SD870IS, 1/80 sec, f/2.8, ASA400 at 4.6mm

So last week, the ART206 Final Project entitled "Body in Crisis" was due. I believe i must've spent at least a good 20-30 Hours in there. Above is a photo of a bunch of us trying to finish out matting on Tuesday night. The day RIGHT before the project was due. I'm going to be totally honest. I really enjoyed the class. I think it was the only class I didn't skip a day this semester. (Definitely NOT a good thing though...) Which is why I think I'm taking ART207 next semester. Stan Tomita is the professor again, and I definitely know hes got a lot that he can teach me. So I look forward to it. John, Cameron, and Gabe will be in my class again next semester. Looks to be a lot of fun. Stay tuned. Once I get a scanner up and running I'm going to try and post the prints I've made in the class.

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