April 29, 2008

my goal

So I was on the POTN forum, perusing through the posts in the Honolulu Hale thread, and i came across a post by PocketNinja.

Here's something interesting for everyone to talk about. What are your goals for photography?

So it got me thinking. What is my ultimate goal? What do i want to do? Every time i think about it, i guess my ultimate goal in photography is to capture and create a visualization of my interpertation the human condition...to continually photography each moment as it comes and document it like writing a history photo-book. Of course along the way there are little steps here and there...i want to shoot concerts, weddings, big events, the state of the state address, the state of the union address, super bowl, the olympics, when the bows go to another college bowl again. I want to be able to go and take photos for some humanitarian organization like Thirst Relief International or the Peace Corps and take photos of places like the Brazilian Amazon. I want to go to iraq and photograph things happening there. I want to travel the world capturing the spirit of the people, the essence of their culture, the depth of their environment. To document things, happenings and occurrences as they happen, so that i may share the here and now with those that come later.

It all stems back to what i said about capturing what i see, and creating a image of that moment frozen in time...back to what i said about capturing the human condition. To be honest its not just the technical stuff of photography that interest me.

While I believe that taking photos of people smiling and posing for the camera is fine. I believe that capturing them in the moment doing something, and making a photo of that is so much more powerful. It captures who they are, and it makes the viewer of the image think about the drama/emotion created from the photo. Who is this person, why is he/she doing what he/she is doing at the time the image was created? What made them do what they did. and so forth. I believe myself to be analytical and someone who is a deep thinker. I like to analyze things, and I believe that my photography reflects that. Like i said in one of my earlier posts, through my photography i seek to change the way you see the world.

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